Sujatha Shankar Kumar


A designer from NID, Sujatha Shankar Kumar later turned to writing and visual art after she found herself inexplicably drawn to images and storytelling. In 1995, she went for a master’s degree to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lived and worked in Chicago till 2003, when she returned to India. Believing in a holistic approach to creative thinking and practice, Sujatha has practiced in allied creative fields – fine art photography, filmmaking, photographic conservation, film archiving and design. She has given talks on furniture design, photography and filmmaking. Writing weaves a common thread through all her interests and she has written for Kyoorius and The Hindu’s Habitat, Sunday Magazine and BLink. She contributes regularly to Metroplus on art, design and culture.


Sujatha looks for unusual connections with a shift of angle to strobe another way of seeing. Treading the fine line between fictions, inventions and realities, her poetry stems from a strong connection with place, the visual and verbal acquainted intimately as she sources her language from the landscape. Currently, she practices as a writer and visualizer with her base in Chennai. Her two cats give her much food for thought.





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