Randhir Khare

Randhir Khare is an award winning poet, writer, artist and teacher who has written more than twenty volumes of poetry, fiction, translations from tribal dialects  and cultural documentation.  His work has inspired national and international puppet theatre productions, been performed along with various traditional and contemporary musicians and bands, set to music by A.R.Rahman  and has been translated into Bengali, Marathi, Hindi, Bulgarian and French.


His poetry has been used in creative arts and educational workshops in various cities and small towns in the country as well as in Ireland and England. These include: projects and exhibitions for One World Week, self development workshops for women, professional workshops for Teachers, Cultural Education Courses in Colleges of Education, Creative Projects with Minority Groups and Refugees, Education Classes for Traveller Education Support Groups. Readings of his work have taken place during lecture presentations on India, exhibition openings and Arts Festivals in Dublin and rural Ireland.


As an artist, he has had five solo exhibitions and his work is in the collections of several private collectors in the country as well as in the UK, USA and South East Asia.  He has also illustrated a number of his own books.


His cultural documentation work has included documentation of the folkloric traditions of the Bhil, Bhilala, Kota, Toda, Nari Kurava, Katkari and other traditional communities from north and south Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, translation of tribal folklore and poetry and the promotion of traditional music and lore. He has recently founded The Living Heritage Movement which financially supports performers and practitioners of traditional forms and lore.


He is an acclaimed story teller and has spent a large part of his life promoting traditional folklore.


He has had five solo exhibitions of his pen and ink drawings and

paintings and has illustrated a number of his own books.


Among his numerous awards is  The Gold Medal For Poetry (by the

Union of Bulgarian Writers), the Sanskriti Award For Creative Writing and

the Winter Cultural Festival Poetry Prize.


Presently, he is


Director of the Rewachand Bhojwani Academy

Director, Kahani India (For The Promotion of Traditional Storytelling Forms)

Executive Editor, The Heritage India Magazine.

Founder-Director,  The Living Heritage Movement


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