Parnab Mukherjee

Mr. Parnab Mukherjee


is one of the leading alternative theatre directors of the country. An independent media analyst by profession, amongst his five published works there are two volumes of poetry-as-a-theatre performance namely Confessions of Ruttie Jinnah and other works and Uncommunist Manifesto and other Despatches(both published by Sampark) and These Trafficked texts (a long poetry-in-theatre performance on the issue of human trafficking as advocacy training material for workshops by Unifem and Unodc).

Currently, a consultant with two publishing journals, he is an acclaimed expert on Badal Sircar’s theatre and specialises in theatre-for-conflict-resolution .

As a translator, he has published a series of transcreations of Bangla poets writing in Bengal, Tripura, Silchar, Chittagong, Lumding, Dhaka, Shillong, Asansol and Jalpaiguri; Assamese poets, works of Raja Dhale from Marathi; Lal Singh Dil from Punjabi and Manipuri poets including Hijam Irabot and Memchoubi. His transcreation of Tagore’s Raktakarabi (published by Mansi Publications-Kolkata) and Africa (published by Five Issues) has been critically succesful poetry-in-theatre performance productions.

Mr. Mukherjee has directed more than 60 productions all over the country including four international collaborations.

He is  the artistic director of Best of Kolkata Campus – a collective of campus theatre activists working on non-proscenium spaces since 1992.His current play About Caliban explores the poetic idiom of a number of Jaffna poets including some poetic lines of the brilliant playwright Shanmugalingam.



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