Mr. Ashwini Ailawadi

Mr. Ashwini Ailawadi

is a poet and lyric writer and has been writing since the age of 11.  At different stages of his life he has been an addiction counsellor, corporate vision and leadership trainer, street bum, AIDS activist, tourist guide and bartender. He started his career as a copywriter and a journalist. He freelanced and worked for a number of well known and not so well known newspapers and magazines in Bombay and Delhi during the 70’s and 80’s, many of which have had the dubious distinction of subsequently closing down.

He is an English Honours graduate from Delhi University but is hard pressed to prove it because he neglected to pick up his degree and like the magazines he worked for, the college also closed down.

Ailawadi is currently working in the area of incest and child sexual abuse for RAHI (Recovering and Healing from Incest) Foundation, a not for profit centre of which he is also the co Founder. He has edited a book The House I Grew Up In: Five Indian women’s experiences of childhood incest and its impact on their lives for his organisation and also co authored two path breaking research documents.

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